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Clear Liquid, neutral cleaning compound, not dangerous to humans, machines and environment.

Chemical Properties :

Physical aspect Clear liquid
Smell Product specific (neutral)
Density 1,00± 0,05 kg/litre
Flash point > 61 ◦C
Foaming low
Soluble in water
Solubility incomplete
Use concentration pure
Normal temperature room temperature
pH 7,0±0,5

Special Qualities:

*Because BioClean Dragon is neutral you can use it very easy.
*BioClean Dragon is specially developed to remove inks and varnishes which can’t be removed with normal cleaners.
*BioClean Dragon can be used as a daily cleaner for anilox rolls, but also as a PROBLEM SOLVER.
*BioClean Dragon contains renewable raw materials
*BioClean Dragon has a high flash point.

BioClean Dragon can be used on all kind of anilox rolls.
If you want to use BioClean Dragon on plastic or other synthetic material or rubber it is recommended to test the material which must be cleaned on resistance against BioClean Dragon before cleaning . Try a not visible spot.

Application And Dosage:
For the cleaning with BioClean Dragon you must use the special BioClean Sponge.
Do not dilute the BioClean Dragon with water.
For the application movie look on youtube:

BioClean Dragon