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Daetwyler Swisstech-End Seals

High quality End Seals are vitally important in extending Doctor Blade life. They can reduce ink wastage due to leakage and help eliminate score lines and impression marks made on Anilox Rollers. MDC Max Daetwyler UK Ltd’s high performance Merino Seals are impregnated with thermoplastic resin and manufactured from high quality wool felt containing minimum 95% Merino wool. This provides one of the most effective liquid seal barriers available on the market.

Merino is a breed of sheep famous for its fine, soft wool (usually referred to as fibre) and its ability to thrive in extreme climates. Due to the wool’s structure of naturally interlocking hollow fibres it will not flood, nor leak. It will absorb to its maximum potential then effectively self seal and absorb no more.  We can manufacture seals for all major doctor systems including W+H, Schiavi, Bobst, Comexi, Tresu and F&K amongst others.

Our seals are proven to be effective in reducing the loss of ink from chambers, by providing close and secure contact with the rotating Anilox and protecting and enhancing the performance of the doctor blade.

Merino wool provides a number of key benefits over other possible solutions.

» Excellent cut profiles with clean edges
» Tailor made thickness to fit chambers exactly
» Impregnated to provide ‘lipid’ seal to Anilox
» Totally resistant to liquids and oils
» Sustainable resource not affected by chemical costs
» Natural and renewable
» Manufactured from wool, completely non-reactive with any inks
» Food safe
» No special handling requirements
» Low friction co-efficient