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Enulec Esa System

Your Global Partner for innovations in Gravure Printing

ENULEC is a German company situated in Trittau not far from Hamburg. It is owned and managed by the Dettke family. Since the 1980s, ENULEC has concentrated on the design and supply of fi rst class electrostatic printing assist systems and discharging systems, developing real expertise in this area. This expertise,including the skills necessary to install and service the equipment, is shared by the international team working for the company, all of whom have been with ENULEC for a great number of years. ENULEC has already supplied a great number of ESA systems to customers including member companies of the largest groups involved in the fl exible packaging, cigarette package and décor printing industry.

The philosophy of the company has been to design and develop products which, wherever economic,are capable of being repaired. We undertake to supply parts for the (unlimited)life of any ENULEC product sold. Where component parts cease to be commercially available, any newly sourcedor designed parts or assemblies will be compatible with existing systems and capable of being retrofitted. Our aim is to supply our customers with state-of-the-art equipment at affordable prices and to support this with customer service which is second to none. In addition to this, we offer our expertise in the field of electrostatics to all who wish to make use of it. The company operates through a number of subsidiary businesses. Enulec Electrostatic Sagl situated in Lugano,Switzerland serves to maintain a close collaboration with leading Italian manufacturers of gravure printing machines, whilst Enulec Americas Sales and Service Center looks after customers in the Americas. Beyond this,a worldwide sales and service network consolidates the company’s market position and ensures its closeness to its customers.

The Principles of Electrostatic Printing Assist

The use of an Electrostatic Assist System (ESA) enables the cells in the cylinder of the gravure printing machine to be fully evacuated of ink and prevents the occurrence of missing dots (dot skips, snow flakes),which are as a result of ink not being transferred to the printing substrate, and is essential as a prerequisite for an optimum quality of print. ENULEC ESA systems have become Standard fixtures throughout the world, particularly when printing on paper, card and plastic film substrates, enabling a high quality of print to be maintained irres-pective of factors such as impression roller characteristics, viscosity and machine speed.

ENULEC Electrostatic Printing Assist systems are used by many of the world’s leading gravure printers and machine manufacturers of flexible packaging, tobacco packaging, décor and colour print for publication to improve and maintain the highest standards of print quality by creating the conditions for optimum ink transfer and eliminating “missing dots”. They are suitable for use with water based and non metallic solvent based inks when printing on paper, board and plastic film substrates. They Are tested and certified to the latest ATEX safety standars and are characterized by their reliability, their low maintenance design and their user friendliness.

ENULEC® ESA1000compact Top Loading —The Best ESA Top Loading system in the market!
There are basically two types of electrostatic printing assist systems; contact and non-contact types. The Enulec Top Loading ESA1000compact is of the noncontact type and has the advantage over contact types that it is less expensive to run being virtually maintenance free and having no physically wearing parts. Because there is no physical contact between the charging electrode and The impression roller, the life of the impression roller is significantly longer.

ENULEC® ESA Direct Charging System for Gravure Printing
Gravure printing in particular is known for the high quality of print produced and this quality is further improved upon with the introduction of the innovative ENULEC Direct Charging (Core Charging) system which sets new high standards. The ENULEC Fluid Transmission System, which is used for the direct charging of an impression roller, has already established itself in the market place and is used to great effect by world leading gravure printing machine manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers. The technical innovation in the ENULEC ESA Direct Charging System is a unique current transfer system which charges the core of the impression roller (sleeve mandrel) using a specially developed fluid transmission system to ensure that the ink in the cells of the earthed gravure cylinder is transferred in its entirety to the printing substrate. The transmission of the voltage necessary to create the ESA effect in the ENULEC Direct Charging System is via a specially developed maintenance free fluid transfer system. The core of the impression roller or the sleeve mandrel distributes the voltage uniformly and without voltage loss over the full width of the impression roller. The system is consequently suitable for use with cost effective single layer impression rollers or impression roller sleeves. Working in conjunction with ENULEC’s specially developed  capacitance free generator, the fluid transmission system makes possible printing of the highest quality on substrates such as paper, card and plastic foil. ENULEC fluid transmission systems have been in use for several years and are being used increasingly in the manufacture of high quality plastic film and paper packaging and cigarette packaging.

The innovative and original ENULEC® virtually
maintenance free Top Loading air assisted charge bar! At the heart of the system, which is German “Gebrauchsmuster” protected, is a virtually maintenance free air-assisted impression roller charge bar. In contrast with conventional charge bars with exposed charging pins, this does not require regular cleaning. By virtue of its special electrode construction, the charging pins in this impression roller charge bar are completely bedded into a small tube and this, together with a small air pressure of between 0.5 and 1.0 bar in the area of the ionisation points, prevents contact being made with ink particles or dust and resultant contamination. Also, and of particular importance to ENULEC customers, is the fact that the Special Top Loading System overcomes a number of problems and safety related weak points associated with conventional ESA Top Loading Systems with exposed charging pins. These include machine downtimes associated with frequent and regular cleaning of the impression roller charge bar. Considerable losses in performance can also occur with conventional systems caused by a build-up of ink on the exposed pin points. Poor maintenance of charge bars with exposed pins increases the safety risk associated with sparking which, where solvent based inks are used, can lead to fi res in the machine. In addition to all of this, the special alloy used in the manufacture of the ionisation points is designed for a lifetime of up to 15 years.

ENULEC® ESA Top Loading components
Standard or Low Maintenance Type Charge Bars
ENULEC offer standard or low maintenance type charge bars, both of which are built to the most stringent standards having charging needles at a pitch of 5mm with each needle current limited to ensure safety. The Standard ENULEC chargebar used for top-loading applications is unsurpassed in its specification. The charging needles, which are specially designed with performance and life in mind, are spaced at 5mm intervals across the width of the bar and are each backed up with a resistor to limit the current which can be drawn. ENULEC Standard top-loading charge bars are safer than charge bars supplied by other manufacturers having a wider needle spacing or a smaller number of needles to do the same job. The less needles, the higher is the current carried by each!

Side-Loading ESA Systems for the Print for Publication Industry
The new ENULEC ESA side-loading system for the Print for Publication Industry has been designed for incorporation in all new gravure printing machines and can be retrofitted to existing machines including those fitted with top-loading ESA systems. Using the ENULEC fluid coupling system,it provides efficient low loss power transmission from a 2kV capacitance free ATEX certified generator, also of ENULEC’s own design. The system is suitable for use in conjunction with all three layer ESA impression rollers having a surface resistance of 1 — 15 Megohm, including those designed for use with top-loading systems. As is the case with all ENULEC ESA  sys-tems, the ESA side-loading system for the Print for Publication Industry comes complete with a 50Hz static elimination system, the whole being operated and controlled from a modern touch screen monitor with Quality Management.